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  Name: Dave.
City: leiden
Beste. Waar kan ik supportwear vinden van jullie??. Gtrzzz. Dave.
  Name: bandido para 1%er
City: antwerp
fat congratulations to my brother youssef well done bro
  Name: bandido hombre 1%er
City: antwerpen
congratulations to bandido youssef 1%er well done bro love loyalty & respect
  Name: 666 1%er
City: Antwerp
Fat congratulations to Youssef for patching out!!!! well done brother!!!! Love, Loyalty @ Respect
  Name: Diablo Chris
City: Belgium.
Congratulations Bandidos MC Antwerp with your 11 anniversary. And Bandido Youssef 1%er with your new status. Viva Red and Gold Love,Loyalty and Respect Pres.Chris Diablos MC Belgium.
  Name: Aquila Electa 1%er Brotherhood
City: Holland-Germany
Fat Greetings ! Respekt, Jürgen, Köln
  Name: para 1% bandidos antwrp
City: belgium
welkom new prospect colin
  Name: SEC
Big Fat Welcome to the new prospect
  Name: 666
City: Antwerp
Congrats to the new prospect!!!
  Name: Para1% Bandidos antwerp
City: Belgium
Happy New year 2014 brothersrnFrom para 1%bandidos belgium
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